Outdoor Audio Video

OutdoorThe residents here in the beautiful Low Country are able to spend as much time outdoors as they want. This has allowed us to take full advantage of our outdoor patio spaces. If you like entertaining guests or just want to sit back and relax, an outdoor audio/video presence can make or break these experiences.

Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) has been creating outdoor audio video entertainment spaces such as outdoor home theaters, outdoor media rooms, and landscape music since 2006. AIC can help bring your favorite movies, music, and sport teams to the outdoors.

Outdoor Speakers

It’s important to recognize that the outdoors create a different type of listening environment than a room inside your home. Typically, an outdoor living area isn’t confined by walls, so sound travels and bounces off objects differently, creating an acoustical challenge. Most people think that outdoor main listening areas need big, loud speakers to cover large areas. You should be thinking more speakers, not higher volume.

Sure, with one or two speakers cranked up, you’ll be able to hear the music. This could, however, result in a very uncomfortable listening area. Some areas of your patio, or screened in outdoor living space, will have such high volume and other parts you’ll barely be able to hear the music. If you’re looking to create the perfect ambiance and adequately cover your listening area, then you’ll need to consult your local A/V expert, Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC).

We’ve partnered with some of the best companies in outdoor audio like Elan Home Automation Systems to completely control your outdoor audio/video in one central hub, Rockustics and Niles to provide high-performance weatherproof speakers, and SONOS Wireless Music Systems for a whole-home audio/video option. (SONOS speakers are not weatherproof, but with our custom build enclosures, we can provide a unique outdoor whole-home experience).

With these options, you can chose from a variety of in-ceiling outdoor speakers, on-wall outdoor speakers, or landscape rock speakers for a hidden speaker solution. AIC can install rock speakers around your pool or mushroom speakers hidden in your landscaping. We could even install a flower planter that doubles as a speaker. The options are endless!

Outdoor Televisions and Outdoor Television Enclosures

If you enjoy watching televisions outside, AIC has partnered with SunBrite to offer a variety of televisions sizes that will work flawlessly in every weather condition. These TVs are designed for use in extreme heat and are resistant to extreme cold. They are all anti-glare, have protective front screens, have a powder-coated aluminum exterior, and are waterproof.

AIC can also custom make and install television enclosures with custom TV frames. These frames can be installed with high powered fans for thermal management and a locking system for security. These are great for commercial use with patio entertainment availability. That way business owners don’t have the hassle of bringing their televisions indoors before locking up for the night.

Don’t forget about creating an outdoor surround-sound! Catching a football game on your back patio with friends and family is great. When you have outdoor surround-sound to go along with the game it can make for the perfect experience. Many of our clients actually use their patio more when they have surround-sound speaker capability. These changes can make your entertaining area the perfect outdoor home theater or outdoor media room.

Complete Outdoor Control

What would be the point in all this powerful equipment if you can’t easily control everything? The chances of you using your outdoor audio video is much lower if you don’t know how to power on and control everything. AIC has partnered with Elan Home Automation Systems to offer you intuitive control from your iPad, tablet, iPhone, Android, and/or Universal Remote Control (URC); Giving you the availability to walk around your backyard changing music tracks, changing movie channels, and controlling the volume without having to be right in front of everything.

If you’re looking for an outdoor upgrade in audio/video, give Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) a call to set-up a complimentary, one-on-one consultation. For more information on outdoor audio video systems or home technology updates, visit our blog and subscribe to our AIC informational updates. Also, take a moment to view Our Work under the Gallery section.


Landscape Speakers


There are many options for Landscape Speakers including Rock Loudspeakers, Planter Speakers and Satellite Landscapes. AICs A/V experts can help homeowners choose wisely.


Pendant Speakers

sonance-pendantPendant Speakers are the perfect choice for open and high ceilings, including outdoor entertainment areas. Their decorative design improve aesthetics for nearly any space.

Outdoor Subwoofers

sonance-outdoor-subOutdoor Subwoofers are the perfect way to enhance sound in your garden, patio or poolside. With various options to choose from, Outdoor Subwoofers compliment all outdoor party.

Traditional Speakers

traditional-outdoorSurface mounted speakers are great when wanting to add a classic touch to outdoor sitting areas. There are a range of high performance Outdoor Traditional Speakers to choose from.


Outdoor TVs

outdoor-sunbriteWhat better way to compliment an outdoor entertainment area than adding a Weather Proof  TV to the mix! TV Enclosures are also a great way to help weatherize TVs and to add a custom touch.