Lutron Lighting

Lighting-Control-700x466How you control our lighting is just as important as what type of lighting you choose. With so many options to choose from, the trick is finding what works best for you. Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) is proud to use Lutron Lighting Systems when designing and installing home lighting control.

Lutron Electronics is known for their innovative style and immense energy saving products. As a matter of fact, the late Joel Spira, founder of Lutron Electronics, what the first to explore and patent light dimmers. Through our lightning experience, we’ve gathered a few principals to follow when thinking about the importance of dimming.

Placement Matters

One of the biggest lighting control defeats are misplaced lighting controls. Of course room entry ways make the most sense, but people tend to forget where they would most likely need to control lighting. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep the lights on before you climb into bed and then shut them off once you’re nice and cozy? Thinking outside of the box while determining a perfect location for lighting control dimmers or keypads, grants more control for the user.

Dimming Will Save More Money
It’s pretty simple, using less energy will ultimately save you more money. It doesn’t matter how you like your lights dimmed, or how often you dim them, the important thing to remember is that dimming your lights will save you money. Another key point, is that dimming your lights will extend the life span of your light source, which in turn, will save you money as well.

Let Your Electrician Know if You Want Dimmers
They’re easy to install, but your electrician should be informed at the beginning of your lighting control installation to ensure the current components are used. Any licensed electrical willow what’s needed to meet your lighting control needs, but it’s up to you to inform them at the start of the project. If you forget, or decide later, you can always have them installed, but the forethought will save you time and money.

It’s important to remember that controlling your lights should be easy. Lighting control means you’re the one in charge and you shouldn’t over think it. There’s no rule and most of us only want basic control, but don’t be afraid to have fun.

Use a Timer to Automate Your Lighting
Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You can set your lights to turn on, or shut off at a specific time every day. Or, program special events so you can ensure the perfect ambiance. If you have a dinner party at 7:00 and know that your guests are going to arrive at 5:00, program your lights to dim right before dinner is served so your guests feel more comfortable. Same thing if you have movie night at your place, just set your timing constraints, then sit back and relax.

Whole Home Lighting Control Systems
These systems typically require a dedicated space of their own, usually the size of a small closet and are the “mack-daddy” of all lighting systems. Basically, whole home lighting control systems are the same as single lighting systems, but they work in multiple room within the home, or often called “zones”. If you plan on using a “time code” or other automated lighting options for the entire home, you’ll need whole home lighting control systems. Also, keep in mind that ordering one of these systems is cheaper than ordering multiple single area systems.

Lighting control can be tedious work, so you’ll need a technicians suggestion, but you’ll also want your audio video technicians input as well. Being able to combine lighting control options with home theater or media room setup is often overlooked. It’s guaranteed to save you a great sum of money when integrated these various digital controls.

Here at Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC), we understand that budget will largely determine the type of lighting control system, or systems, you choose to automated your home. Pay attention to the rooms in your home and find the showpiece in each area. Then determine if it would make sense to you to be able to control your lighting, if not, then don’t waste your money. With that being said, AIC gives complimentary home walk-throughs and we’d be happy to help you come to a lighting control solution.