Home Theater

Home TheaterWith how fast technology is advancing, it can be hard to keep up with at times. Better technology includes wireless speakers, wireless streaming devices with lower prices; making the idea of a home theater a reality for most home owners. After a home theater installation, you will never feel the need to stand in line to buy a movie ticket. You'll save money while watching your favorite movies in the comfort of your home, anytime you want!

Home Theater Designs are Limitless

Televisions, projection screens, and custom audio are just the beginning to creating the perfect home theater experience. Lighting control is very important as well. Too much light can washout images being displayed on a projector screen. Motorized shades, or curtains, not only help with lighting, but can greatly improve aesthetics of a home theater. Keep in mind that relaxing theater seating and acoustical absorbent carpet also add to the design of a true home theater system.

Our vendors are premier audio/video companies. Our partnership enables our company to offer the most complete line of custom audio/video equipment. Such companies include Lutron Electronics, KEF, Yamaha, Sony, Elan, Sonos, Sunfire, Martin Logan, Parasound Halo, and Atlona. These companies are just a few of the brands that have helped AIC become Hilton Head & Bluffton's leading home theater specialist.

Home Theater Considerations


Home theater systems can be installed in just about any room of your home, or showcased in a dedicated theater room. They can also be designed to blend in with your homes existing decor and hidden from view when not being used. Understanding where you plan to locate your home theater and how you'll use space, are critical to the design of an incredible custom home theater system.

Screen Type and Size

Although theater rooms are traditionally known for utilizing large projection screens, the declining cost and increasing size of HD flat screen televisions have made them common choice for many home theater rooms todays. Nothing beats watching your favorite movie or game on a 133 inch 1080p HD Projection screen, but a 70 inch flat screen can still make a perfect experience.

Home Theater Seating

Planning the seating arrangement of any theater room in the design process will greatly improve the overall viewing experience. How many people will I be seating? Will I need raise seating? What kind of seating? These are all questions that need to be considered when designing a theater room. AIC offers seating options for Hilton Head and Bluffton home theaters from Fortress Seating and Salemander Designs. Our specialists at AIC are dedicated to helping our clients reach their home theater dreams. Feel free to stop by any of our showrooms for a home theater seating demonstration.


Acoustics are the key element to a theater room. Whether it's trying to keep the sound in, or keep the sound from traveling to other rooms of the house, Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) can help with all types of creative acoustical solutions. We also offer a wide variety of custom speaker solutions to meet any acoustical requirement. Full range tower speakers, electrostatic speakers, in ceiling and in-wall speakers, bookshelf speakers, and of course a full line of all digital wireless speakers; these are just some of the speaker products we have to compliment any theater system.

Lighting Control

Indirect light or poor lighting situations can obstruct any perfectly designed home theater. You can spend thousands of dollars trying to reach a home theater goal and be disappointed the minute you recline back to enjoy what you've designed, if you choose to skip out on lighting control. They can easily wash out a screen, creating shadows and false viewing experiences. AIC's partnership with Lutron offers a wide variety of lighting control and automated or motorized shade options to meet any lighting control need.

Complete Audio/Video Control

Now you have an incredible system and you need to be able to control it, and it needs to be practically effortless. The easier your system is to use the more it will be used. It's really that simple. At AIC we have partnered with URC (Universal Remote Control) and Elan Home Systems to offer a flexible line of automated touchscreen remote controls and iPad controllable remote systems. One button ON and one button OFF, that's what you'll get with Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC).

Advanced Integrated Controls specializes in the design, sales and installation in all types of home theater systems and media rooms. We are located in Bluffton and have been in business since 2006.

We know how to build a reliable system with outstanding acoustical reach. For an estimate of your dream Home Theater, or Media Room, call our showroom located in Bluffton to schedule a free walk-through.


Home Theater Seating

home-cinema-seatingTo create a completely finished home theater room, you'll need theater seats and we can help you make a selection that suits your taste.

Media Rooms

home-theater700x466Do you lack the space in your home for a dedicated home theater system, but still want a media room experience?  AIC can help.