Home Automation

What Is Home Automation?


Home automation is putting complete control of your home in your hands, so that it works for you, by you, and the way you want it to. Just by adding convenience and making your life easier, even while saving energy! Smart home control can be as basic as dimming lights with a universal remote control, or as complex as setting up a network of items in your home. These networks might include multiple thermostats, security system's, lighting control, irrigation, automatic door locks, video cameras and smart appliances. They can all be programmed and controlled using the main controller, or even with your iPhone, Android, tablet or laptop computer from anywhere in the world!

AIC has partnered with Lutron Lighting Controls and Elan Home Systems to offer the most complete line of smart home automation products on the market today.

Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) has been designing and installing home automation systems in Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Savannah since 2006; a proven source for all of your home technology needs.


Enjoy the convenience of controlling your home with everyday devices you're already familiar with. Just grab your iPhone or Android to turn off all of the lights in your home. Turn your alarm system on/off, open doors, or view security cameras from the same everyday devices you are already using.

Energy Efficiency and Savings

Many smart home products will help you manage energy consumption. For example, AIC can program your thermostat to automatically adjust settings throughout the day based on forecasted outdoor temperatures. Additionally, you can program your thermostat to memorize schedules and change room temperatures when your home or not. These devices give you real time energy information. This helps your home automation system know the most cost effective times to operate.

Voice Control

Technology has come a long way! Our experienced home automation experts can program nearly any aspect of your smart home to be voice controlled. No matter how intricate the system.

Lighting Control

Control all of your lights easily with custom created lighting scenes that can be powered with engraved lighting switches to vivid LED lit touch screens. Set unlimited timers and events using the astronomical clock embedded within the automation controls processor. Turn lights on and off remotely using any iPhone, iPad, or Android device. With Lutron and Elan Home Systems the control is really unlimited. For Lutron lighting control issues, contact AIC, or Lutron's Customer Support at (888) 588-7661

HVAC Control

An automated thermostat provides you with complete control over your home's temperature and humidity. Just imagine turning on the heater in the morning without ever getting out of that warm bed, or turning on the air conditioner when your flight touches down so it's nice and cool when you walk in the door. Receive email and text alerts when temperatures get too low or too high. Imagine the savings and hassle this would save in a vacation rental situation where thermostats get adjusted without care and windows and doors get left open.


Adjust schedules to protect landscaping and conserve water. Respond to weather forecasts from your sofa. Automatically adjust for the seasons.

Door Locks

Lock and unlock door locks remotely using a mobile device. Set up door unlock and locks based on custom events or timers. Never having to fumble with keys again!

At Advanced Integrated Controls, home automation is our backbone. It's what we do best.


Surveillance Cameras

surv-cameraLet us show you how your video security system will pay for itself.

Irrigation Control

Irrigation-ControlConserve more energy and more money through Elan Home Systems for irrigation and sprinkler control.

Smart Thermostats

Thermostat-PictureAutomated or smart thermostats, like Nest Thermostat, are guaranteed to save you more money than other energy saving measures.

Pool and Spa Control

Pool and SpaControl filter cycles, chemical additions, water temperature, water levels, pool sanitizing equipment, lighting, covers and more.

Lighting and Shades

Lutron-Home-Photo2AIC, in partnership with Lutron Electronics and Elan Home Automated Systems, offers a complete line of commercial and residential lighting and motorized shades.