Custom TV Solutions

customtv700x466Here at Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC), we are the local leader in custom television installations in the Low Country. Since 2006, we’ve developed innovative audio visual solutions for a wide variety of applicants for both residential and commercial clients. We design and custom build our own mirror televisions, television art lifts, television ceiling track systems, motorized television lifts, and outdoor TV enclosures. If you want it, we guarantee we’ll be able to design it!

From standard television systems that include things like cable box’s, satellite’s, Apple TV’s, DVD Player’s, OLED/LED flatscreen’s, and/or BluRay Player’s, to larger, more involved systems like whole house audio/video systems including complete home theaters, our AV experts will work with you to design the best custom TV solution.

Custom Television Solution Advantages

•  Our installers are professional experts in the audio/video field who are eager to meet all of our clients expectations.

•  We are neat and orderly and hide all wiring without damaging walls.

•  We take the time to explain and walk you through your system until you are completely comfortable.

•  We’ll be able to program all of your A/V equipment into one single device, such as a Universal Remote Control (URC) so you’ll never have to fumble with more than one remote again!

•  We’ll always do the job is done right the first time.

Vanishing Mirror Televisions

Mirror TVs offer high end cutting edge technology with some outstanding features that are sure to compliment any room. AIC handcrafts all of our mirror TVs using the highest quality mirror and customize a beautifully designed frame built just for your home. With a mirror television, you can save space and conceal your television. Additionally, you can turn your mirror TV into a peace of art. Just connect any streaming device, such as an Apple TV, and then post photos of your loved ones, or your favorite places to visit, to scroll on the TV while not in use. Or simply shut the TV off and display a large custom framed mirror, but secretly packed with high-definition functionality.

Vanishing mirror televisions and/or TV lifts and art screens built by AIC are guaranteed to make an unforgettable first impression in any room of your home!

TV and Storage Lift Options

You’ll probably ask yourself a bunch of questions when deciding where to have your television mounted or placed. Some of our clients don’t want their television to be the focal point, while others don’t really mind either way. If you’d prefer not to have your TV be the center of attention, then you might want to consider concealing it until you’re ready to show it off to your guests.

AIC can use an art or panel lift that can keep tracks and rails completely hidden which can then be mounted above, over, or under a TV. Then you’d be able to move the piece of art in any direction to reveal the hidden TV.

AIC are also proud dealers for Nexus 21, a company that offers the highest quality TV lift and storage lift products available today. Our design team here at AIC can help you take advantage of your space and design a storage concealment option for just about anything. You'll have the option to hide not only televisions but firearms,  wine bars, alcohol beverages, kitchen equipment; if you dream it, AIC will design and install it.

The variety of hidden television and storage solutions will give you creative freedom for your home. With the push of a button on your Universal Remote, Elan User Interface, or mobile device you can make your television rise out of a cabinet, a projector drop from the ceiling, or surprise your guests with a hidden bourbon bar.