Custom Audio Video

high-end-audio700x465Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) specializes in the design, installation, and integration in all aspects of home technology. Custom A/V solutions is AIC's backbone and where it all began. Therefore, AIC has made it a mission to design custom audio video solutions that do more than simplistic reproduction of music and video. AIC aims to deliver that accelerated heartbeat caused by contagious adrenaline from the audio/video being delivered by the desperate lows and crystal clear elevation! Above all, the thing that made you fall in love with music and sound in the first place. That emotional connection to sound and video is what inspires AIC's audio/video technicians.

The digital revolution has led us in new directions and Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) is on the leading edge. Digital sound processing, self amplified loud speakers, 4K video resolutions, wireless technology; the future holds amazing possibilities for custom audio video design. With todays high definition ultra thin televisions and projectors, it's unacceptable if there wasn't high definition audio to match. AIC has solutions to compliment any design. To build a great sound system, you have to start with a solid foundation. AIC has partnered with companies like Yamaha, Martin Logan, Sonos, KEF, Parasound Halo, Niles, JL Audio, Sunfire and many more audio technology leaders. Together we offer the most extensive line of custom audio video available today.

From speakers and subwoofers, to outdoor audio/video and custom television installations, AIC can reach any audio video goal. Choosing what works best for you and your home can be overwhelming, especially with todays fast paced technological world. There are many options available! Most people are nervous by these options because they're afraid their system will be too complicated to comprehend. When in reality, it's much easier than you think!

We can help you choose the best speaker and subwoofer, including in-wall/in-ceiling options too. When choosing which TV will work for you, we can help you pick between an array of custom television options. We are able to customize and install TV art lifts, hand-crafted mirror televisions, or basic flat screens. If you have a space for entertainment outdoors, we can help you reach a decision for outdoor audio/video. Feel free to call Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) for any audio/video decision.


Speakers and Subwoofers


There are several different types of home speakers and subwoofers that are available on the market, but trying to find the right one that fits your needs can be tricky. There are indoor, outdoor, and wireless speaker options available for almost every application in a home.

Outdoor A/V

OutdoorAIC can help bring your favorite movies, music, and sport teams to the outdoors for entertaining or relaxing.

Custom TV Solutions

customtv700x466We design and custom build our own mirror televisions, television art lifts, television ceiling track systems, motorized television lifts, and outdoor TV enclosures.